Due to Tabcorp withdrawing wholesale access to their data, Subscription Data was left with no choice but to cease trading and ended delivery of data at midnight 31st December 2015.

From 1st January 2016 onwards data has been available directly from BettorData, however their data subscriptions do not include Tabcorp (VIC/NSW) data.

BettorData's offering can be found on their website here

The restriction that Tabcorp have introduced only affects wholesalers of their data, the data is available direct from Tabcorp and you should contact Tabcorp for details of any service they may be able to provide.

If a company claims to be able to supply you with Tabcorp data as a data service, then you should contact Tabcorp and confirm that it is a legitimate service.

Historical Data:

We also have binary BettorData files and pricing for this data is by negotiation.

If you require our historic data then you need to email your request to, how long this service will be offered is not known at this time and so you should send your request asap.